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Frequently Asked Questions

Grade Forgiveness is the opportunity for a student to redo a module in which a grade of C- or lower is achieved, and to earn a grade that will be substituted for the previous grade.


  • Can only be applied to level 1 & 2 modules
  • Can only be used once for a given module
  1. It is encouraged that students have dialogue with their Academic Advisors before completing the “Application Form for Grade Forgiveness”. 
  2. Complete the form, available at the College/Faculty Student Affairs office or online at the USU website.
  3. Submit the form to your Programme Director within two weeks of the start of the semester in which the module is to be redone.

Students should complete the form specific for this purpose available at the Academic Advisement Unit for their Faculty or College and return same.

The maximum timeframe to complete a course of study differs for each class of academic award.

  • Bachelor’s Degree – prescribed time frame + 3 years
  • Diploma – 5 years
  • Associate Degree – 4 years
  • Certificate – 3 years

NB: The maximum timeframe does not include approved Leave of Absence or extenuating circumstances, such as illness. In certain instances, students may apply to their College/Faculty Board for an extension by no more than 2 years if they have expired the prescribed and maximum permissible time frames.

All students wishing to take a break from their course of study must apply for Leave of Absence.

A College/Faculty Academic Affairs Committee (C/FSAAC) request form must be submitted to the College/Faculty by the end of the third week of the semester in which the break is being considered.

Leave of Absence is the suspension of studies with the approval of the University, for a minimum one semester and up to a maximum of two semesters or one academic year per course of study.

Leave of Absence may be granted for the following reasons, which may include but not limited to:

  • Medical (injury/illness, natural disasters, pregnancy, childbirth)
  • Academic (student exchange with other institutions)
  • Other (international student with visa/passport issues)
  1. It is encouraged that students are in dialogue with their Academic Advisor before completing the form
  2. Complete the “Application for Module Withdrawal” form. See attached document.
  3. Submit the form to their Programme Director.


  • Students are limited to a maximum of two module withdrawals in any given semester.
  • There is no refund of module fee when a student withdraws from a module

Students should make a request that a module be done as Independent Study to the Programme Director.

The student must then agree to a Learning Contract. After which, the student should await feedback from the Programme Director as to whether or not the approval was granted.

NB: The privilege to undertake a module by Independent Study will be at the discretion of the Faculty or College concerned.

No. Credits transferred are not used in the evaluation of the student’s GPA. However, these credits count towards the completion of the course of study.

  1. The requisite “Application for Grade Review” form should be completed.
  2. A review fee must be paid at Accounts Receivable. This fee is in accordance with the current University rates.
  3. The application form should be submitted, along with receipt of review fee payment, to the Student Affairs Office of the respective College/Faculty.

NB: This process is only facilitated within two (2) weeks after the publication of the final letter grade.